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I've been trying to do a better job of documenting all the media I consume, so please feel free to send book, movie, TV show recommendations my way!

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February 2020


Currently reading: Lost Children Archive — Valeria Luiselli

  1. Fleishman is in Trouble — Taffy Brodesser-Akner

  2. My Brilliant Friend — Elena Ferrante

  3. A Rag Doll After my Heart — Anuradha Vaidya, trans. from Marathi by Shruti Nargundkar

  4. These Hills Called Home — Temsula Ao


  1. Hustlers — Lorene Scafaria, English

  2. The Last Black Man in San Francisco — Joe Talbot, English

  3. Parasite (rewatch) — Bong Joon-ho, Korean

  4. Winter Flies — Olmo Omerzu, Czech

  5. Pain and Glory — Pedro Almodóvar, Spanish

  6. To All The Boys part 2 — Susan Johnson, English

TV Shows:

  1. Bojack Horseman — Final Season

  2. Love is Blind S1

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