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A sampling of my animation work. Clips include illustrations created from scratch as well as static art made by various artists at The Atlantic, Mother Jones and, which were then animated by me. Scroll further for a more detailed breakdown.

Motion Graphics

- A sample of charts, maps, text treatments and illustrations made for various videos -

Website Graphics

- A selection of art animated for The Atlantic's website -

The Prophecies of Q

Art: Arsh Raziuddin

Story: Adrienne LaFrance

Work From Home Troubles for Space Agencies 

Art: Arsh Raziuddin

Story: Marina Koren

Anthony Fauci’s Gen Z Cred

Art: Arsh Raziuddin

Story: Christian Paz

What to Ask Instead of ‘How Are You?’ During a Pandemic 

Art: Aiden Symes

Story: Ashley Fetters

Instagram Graphics

- animated art, made infographics and curated the Mother Jones Instagram page -

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