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You've Got It Made

- Limited Series Podcast -

Aditi Sangal and I host and produce You’ve Got It Made, a podcast that documents the stories of the Indian diaspora in America. Often stereotyped as the Silicon Valley workers or the 7/11 store owners, there’s a whole spectrum of stories within the Indian-American community that get glossed over. The challenge was to find historical records and research on a community that has rarely been documented—an effort that culminated in a bootstrapped but deeply reported production of highly personal yet universally relatable stories.

Listen to the four episodes on iTunes:

We started by tracing the migration of Indians to North America, from the first wave in the early 1900s to the modern day tech boom. Our second episode deals with the question of the American dream through the lens of economy. We highlight the stories of entrepreneurs and industrialists who set up motels and other businesses in the 70s and the 80s, and look into what setting up a business as an immigrant entails today. Our most recent episode is an exploration of how race and identity has shaped generations of Indian-Americans. We take you from a town that drove Indian immigrants out with sticks and stones, to a town where majority of the population is Indian. In our fourth episode and final episode, we be digg into politics. How do Indian-Americans vote? What does their political presence look like?

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South Asian Avant-Garde (SAAG)

- A Pop-up Anthology -

SAAG is a collective of South Asian writers, editors, academics, organizers, translators, playwrights, journalists, visual artists and designers who share a deeply political commitment to radical art that challenges unequal status quos.

As the Creative Director of SAAG Anthology, my focus was on the visual design, the multimedia aspects of the project, and running the Interview series, which features conversations between SAAG's editors and prominent personalities within the native and diasporic South Asian space. 

Over the next few months, SAAG will be launching content in various categories, including fiction, one-act plays, essays, reportage and multimedia. Keep watching this space, and follow SAAG Anthology on TwitterInstagram and YouTube.

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