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Photo by Sophia Myszkowski

I'm a multimedia journalist specialized in making videos and audio.

Currently, I am an audio producer for The New York Times Opinion section, and the co-director of AAJA video.

Most recently, I produced, edited, filmed and animated videos at The Atlantic, where I worked on two series that included collaborations with writers across the newsroom, and I was briefly a video editor for Newsy's new TV show, In The Loop. I was also the creative director for a pop-up literary anthology, and the producer and host of an independent podcast, You've Got it Made. Prior to that, I covered breaking news stories and made video explainers at Mother Jones. I helped re-launch their instagram account by taking over curation and creating graphics for their page. I was also a video fellow at Grist where I covered environmental justice stories, and an intern at during the 2016 Presidential elections, including work on short documentaries and social strategy. 

I studied documentary filmmaking and feature writing at Medill, Northwestern University, and I have a degree in history and geopolitics from Delhi University and the National University of Singapore.


I'm a member of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), the South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA), The Video Consortium, Girls in Film, and Brown Girls Doc Mafia.  

For a comprehensive list of my most recent work, visit my author page at The New York Times. For a more detailed breakdown of my work history, awards and skills, here's my resume



Since moving to the U.S. in 2015, I have lived and worked in Chicago, Seattle, New York and DC. I've mapped out my entire journey, talked about my journalism trajectory, been interviewed about how the city I live in influences my work, and written about how I try to stay happy despite the constant uncertainty of not having a permanent home.

A consequence of this search for a home has led to an inordinate amount of time thinking, talking and tweeting about India and South Asia - as documented in this interview with WBEZ's worldview on curfews on adult Indian women, this essay on my late grandmother, and this story on a phenomenal Pakistani woman. Also, see anthology and podcast  


With my documentary team in Johannesburg, South Africa, where we made a three-part series on the experiences of the Chinese immigrants in the region.


Speaking on a panel about diversifying video skills at the Asian-American Journalism Conference in 2019.

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