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The Opinions

A New York Times Audio App exclusive show of audio shorts. The show highlights news analysis, opinions, and essays, from voices both within the Times and outside. 

Also available on the website.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.


Special Projects


New York Times Opinion Special Projects piece about Chinese-American women in the 90s being named Connie, after the famous journalist Connie Chung.

Helped produce audio segments of the interviews with these women and their mothers.

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Can America Age Gracefully?

New York Times Opinion special project on the aging population in the U.S., and how to prepare for that.

Worked on recording and producing audio segments for the section on aging and infratructure.

Previous Work

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A podcast from New York Times Opinion, hosted by tech reporter Kara Swisher, about power and influence. Kara takes on C.E.O.s, senators, actors and activists — plus upstarts and gatekeepers you might not yet know but need to hear from. How did these people get power? How do they actually use it? And how does their power shape your life?

Every Monday and Thursday.

A podcast from New York Times Opinion. Every week, host Jane Coaston moderates and engages in debates between people with strongly-held opinions on the topics du jour. 






Every Wednesday.

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