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I've been trying to do a better job of documenting all the media I consume, so please feel free to send book, movie, TV show recommendations my way!

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April 2020


Currently reading: Little Gods — Meng Jin

  1. Half Gods — Akil Kumarasamy

  2. Freedom Fables — Rokeya Sakhawat Hossein, trans. from Bengali by Kalyani Dutta

  3. Missed Translations — Sopan Deb


  1. Tigertail — Alan Yang, Mandarin/English

  2. Agamaly diaries — Lijo Jose Pellissery, Malayalam

  3. Train to Busan — Yeon Sang-Ho, Korean

  4. The Lunchbox (rewatch) — Ritesh Batra, Hindi/English

TV Shows:

  1. Kim’s Convenience S3

  2. Schitts Creek S6

  3. Succession S1 + S2

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